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"National Gemstone. A sparkling page. Literally. While investing in
gems is probably not advisable for the average investor, if you'd like
to learn something about valuable gems and enjoy looking at pretty
pictures on the net this is worth investing some time! Some very useful
information about gems and investing in gems for fun and profit is
available here, but more to my liking are the spectacular gifs of
stones in the Smithsonian Gem and Mineral Collection."
R. Michael Terry, CFP

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" A great site run by gemstone guru Robert Genis, president of National Gemstone (NG). Good information on grading and collecting, links to digital images from the Smithsonian's collection of stones, and an archive of the Gemstone Forecaster Newsletter, which Genis publishes."
Hazel L. Wheaton
June, 2001

Gemkey Favorites
July, 2000

"Robert Genis is president of National Gemstone and is an industry veteran of 30 years. The depth and breadth of his involvement in the industry shows in his website with its 13 sections.

The most obvious barometer of Genis' trade knowledge is in the quarterly produced The Gemstone Forecaster, a general news and market report produced in hard copy and HTML versions. Every three months Genis gathers information from many trade an mainstream media sources for his newsletter that contains hard core market information, gemology and mining updates, what's selling under the hammer at the for the auction houses as well as bits and pieces from various media outlets. A personal favorite in his Summer, 2000 (Vol.18, #2) general news area of the newsletter is a piece on an Ohio man who swallowed a tennis bracelet when fleeing a crime scene.

General information sections like the "On-line" brochure area of the website provide information on the company's operations, the skinny on the top traded gems and tips on buying stones. The "How to Collect Gems for Fun and Profit" is another general information section that is loaded with helpful information. This section has basic market and mining information on the industry's top-traded gems plus more tips on collecting.

Perhaps the most useful general information in the website is the "How Gems are Graded" area. In this section Genis uses AGL and GIA gem certificates to explain how colored stones and diamonds are graded.

The "Price Lists" and "Price Charts - Historical Gem Performance" areas of the website provide online testimony to Genis' prowess in tracking price performance for the top-traded gemstones since 1975. The charts show how these gems performed price wise over time with every one reaching a peak in the mid-1980's.

Another favorite section of National Gemstone's website is the virtual tour of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History's gem and mineral collection. From amethyst to Zuni Indian turquoise, each gemstone comes with a brief description, a thumbnail image and an option to view an enlarged image. The name of the gemstone serves as a link to a larger image of each gemstone and mineral listed.

For those looking for a good read or a video on gemstones or gem-related topics Genis provides cerebral and less brainy endeavors in his "Gemstone Book and Video Store". Fun, technical and video sub-sections make for a thick and thin romps through some interesting and entertaining pursuits.

Whether you're willing to thumb through dry but invaluable reference material such as R. Webster's "Gems: Their Sources, Descriptions and Identification" to kimberlite quests with Charles Fipke according to writer Vernon Frolick's view, there's a wide selection of books and videos that you may have overlooked or never knew were out there.

For some video fun you might want to check out a classic like "Green Fire" starring Grace Kelly or "Blood and Wine" starring Jack Nicholson, Michael Caine and Jennifer Lopez. Links to allow for speedy ordering.

For those of us who enjoy using their email box to conveniently tap into the Internet's many offerings, you may want to check out National Gemstone's delivery services. If you'd like to receive The Gemstone Forecaster or gemstone images by email look into the "Email Mailing" and "Digital Photography email Service" sections.

National Gemstone has a no frills website that is crammed with useful information no matter where you are in the gem trading or gemological pecking order. Although many sections are well maintained, the "Price List" section is a few months old. Other than that, it's difficult to find fault in most sections of the website."

1999 Winner Gemkey Website Awards
Colored Stones Information
National Gemstone

"Robert Genis' site is one of the top-ranking information resources for colored stones. The site features set reference sections and provides quarterly mining and marketing reports in the online "Gemstone Forecaster Newsletter".

Highlight: A unique feature is the "Digital Photography Email Service" - submit a request for the gem image you'd like and a JPEG will be sent to your email account."

Professional Jeweler
Professional Jeweler Site of the Week
November 1, 1999

"Colored gemstone collectors, retailers and dealers can benefit from the information and services offered on this site, which is updated occasionally with exceptional gemstones for sale and news about gem finds and trends. Robert Genis, president of National Gemstone, writes a quarterly Web newsletter called The Gemstone Forecaster, which includes market updates on producing countries, information on new finds, news for collectors and reports from gem shows. Current and back issues of the illustrated newsletter can be found at the Web site, along with an invitation to join the e-mail list to be notified when a new issue of the newsletter appears.

The site includes recent and historical price charts for diamonds, Burma rubies and sapphires, and Colombian emeralds, with the disclaimer that they're to be used as general indicators only. The section "How to Collect Gems for Fun and Profit" provides guidelines for discovering collection-worthy stones - top prices paid, optimum colors, supply sources and lore.

National Gemstone specializes in top-quality colored gemstones and offers some for sale on-line. The site pictures several special stones with detailed descriptions of their cuts and the way they reflect light; the company will also send digital images of gemstones by request to interested buyers."
by Stacey King

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"This page could serve as a useful introduction for those getting their feet wet in the world of fine diamonds, precious stones, and collector gemstones. You'll get a wealth of education about diamonds and gems from the President of National Gemstone, Robert Genis, whose 25 years of experience in the field is quite obvious. Aside from the four Cs, learn how to read a GIA certificate and why some jewelry stores charge 100-160% over wholesale price for diamonds. His quarterly newsletter, The Gemstone Forecaster, goes into great detail reporting on the different gemstones (diamond, emerald, ruby, and more) and why their prices are either up or down. To get a taste for these rocks, view photos of great gems from the Smithsonian Institute collection."

Jayde Gold Diamond Award
July, 1996 Winners of the Jayde Gold Diamond Award

"National Gemstone was one of the first gem dealers on the net. National Gemstone's Web Page is a fascinating information resource. It contains 'The Gemstone Forecaster' newsletters and numerous articles covering every facet of precious gemstones and diamonds. If you have an interest in collecting or investing in fine gemstones, start here."

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"Extensive guide and resources to investing in precious gems."


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"The National Gemstone Home Page targets new and veteran gem collectors and dealers with online information sources, price indexes and forecast newsletters. This site also offers dazzling photographs from the Smithsonian's gem and mineral collection."

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"Based in Tucson, AZ, this company is certified as expert in gemstone-related matters. They offer a price list, brochure, newsletters, info on how to collect for profit, a 20-year selected gem performance chart, photos from the Smithsonian gem and mineral collection, and an 800 number for inquiries. You can also get on an e-mail list."

National Jeweler Magazine

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"National Gemstone's Home Page is a top pick...offers gem investment forecasts."
Cheryl Kremkow, Director of International Colored Gemstone Association Gembureau

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National Gemstone, Provider: NGC

"Opal, alexandrite, tourmaline, sapphire, and almost every other gemstone on earth has an entry at the National Gemstone Web Page. A brochure lists prices, helps collectors understand grading reports, and shares tips on how to recognize rare and precious stones. Amateurs should read the How To Collect Gems for Fun and Profit. We would like to see more photos of the stones themselves, but the link to the fabulous riches housed at the Smithsonian makes up for a lot."

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