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4.19 Colombian Emerald

4.07 Brazilian Pariaba tourmaline
TYPE & ORIGIN:Colombian emerald
CERTIFICATION:AGL - March 16, 1995
SHAPE & CUT:Emerald
MEASUREMENTS:10.66 x 8.75 x 6.21 mm
COLOR SCAN:Green 70, Blue/Gy15 Yellow 15
PROPORTIONS:Very Good (2-3)
FINISH:Very Good to Good (3-4)
TQIR:Excellent (1.5)
PRICE:US$20,000 per carat or $83,800 total including shipping/handling in the United States and the original AGL Colored Stone Grading Report.
One of the highest graded Colombian emeralds we have ever seen. The emerald is the ultimate 70% primary green color. Technically, the color is a 4/80 with an ECA of 3.5 or 3.75. The stone also has a rare Excellent (1.5) TQIR. Very few stones ever got this grade from Cap Beesley. The stone is an 80 tone, but a light 80 or 75-80. The clarity grade is LI2. How many Lightly Included emeralds have we seen with this color? Probably can count on one hand. The proportion and finish numbers are extremely high. This means the stone was probably recut by a master cutter at great weight loss after coming to the US from Colombia. Finally, the depth is a perfect 70.9% and the brilliancy really high at 70-80%. The only negative is this stone has faint treatment. However, the price for this quality gem could be over $50,000 per carat if the rock was untreated. Back in 1995, treated stones were totally acceptable to collectors.

A serious gemstone for a collector portfolio or imagine this stone mounted in an upscale jewelry piece.

View the 4.19 Colombian Emerald American Gemological Laboratory Colored Gemstone Grading Report.

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The 4.19 Colombian Emerald was shot in natural daylight with a Sony Cyber-Shot.

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